The Sword Guides: Sabre Fencing

Sabre fencing has been present since at least 18th century Europe even though there are accounts of similar games during the Middle Ages. The sport became more well-known in the 1800s, with the first competitions taking place at about this time as well. Today, sabre fencing is a sport that is practiced all over the […]

The History of Fencing

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The History of Fencing is a long and storied one, and while sword-fighting has been around for thousands of years, the sport of fencing has ancient origins and is believed to have developed from the similar techniques of swordplay, wrestling, and boxing. The first recorded evidence of fencing as a competitive sport was around 588 […]

What is Fencing?

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As a fencing school that works with all levels of fencers – from absolute beginners to Olympic alternates, we field a few of the same questions in each beginner class, so we’ve written this post for those of you that might be completely new to fencing. It contains a brief overview of the sport, its […]

Does Fencing Hurt?

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When you think of fencing, you might think it’s a dangerous sport – after all, swinging swords at each other must be dangerous, right?! Well, our experience (and studies!) have shown it’s one of the safest sports you can take part in. Everything about modern fencing is built with safety first in mind, from the […]