Fencing Ratings

Fencing Ratings You may have heard of rated fencers, but what does it all mean? In this article, we’ll discuss what ratings are, how you earn them, and what their use is. Please note that for purposes of this discussion, we are setting aside the intricacies of fencing eligibility determined by age, sex, country, or […]

The History of Fencing

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The History of Fencing is a long and storied one, and while sword-fighting has been around for thousands of years, the sport of fencing has ancient origins and is believed to have developed from the similar techniques of swordplay, wrestling, and boxing. The first recorded evidence of fencing as a competitive sport was around 588 […]

What is Fencing?

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As a fencing school that works with all levels of fencers – from absolute beginners to Olympic alternates, we field a few of the same questions in each beginner class, so we’ve written this post for those of you that might be completely new to fencing. It contains a brief overview of the sport, its […]

Does Fencing Hurt?

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When you think of fencing, you might think it’s a dangerous sport – after all, swinging swords at each other must be dangerous, right?! Well, our experience (and studies!) have shown it’s one of the safest sports you can take part in. Everything about modern fencing is built with safety first in mind, from the […]

Hitting Vs. Fencing

post by guest blogger Dr. Matthew Mitchell Some observations from my fall competition and refereeing experience will follow over the next little while, if you’d like to share them with other members. Hitting vs. fencing One night in fencing practice, answering a question of mine about what to do when your opponent doesn’t respond when […]

College Club Fencing

Fencing at Competitions

Here is a great article from guest blogger, Dr. Matthew Mitchell,  Dr. Matt is a fencing parent, as well as a competitive epee and saber fencer. In his spare time, Dr. Matt likes to relax by playing ice hockey. Are you a high school fencer?  Parent of a high school fencer?  Mark your calendar for […]

Why Learn to Fence…?

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Why learn to do anything? Because it’s an adventure!  Whether you thought of fencing because you watched too many sword-fighting movies as a child (Zorro, The Three Musketeers, The Princess Bride, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc.) or because you are just looking for something to do that’s a little different; fencing is an adventure.  While […]