For the most fun birthday party, team-building adventure, bachelor(ette) party, or special event ever, please contact us to arrange a fencing-themed party at our space! We provide the space and the activities, and can work with you to make the event special.

Available party times: Friday and Saturday evenings, weekday mornings. We book 8 weeks in advance.

You provide: the occasion, refreshments, and your own theme!
We provide: the space, tables & chairs, fencing gear, activity, a fencing coach & host, cleanup, and fun!

Example party formats:

For little kids: costumes, swordplay, themes of pirates, knights, princesses, ninjas, Jedi, etc. with safe pretend weapons. Make-believe open play with some more structured games. Demonstration duel between skilled swordspeople.

For big kids: intro to the most exciting aspects of real Olympic-style fencing in a fun, participatory format with safe practice weapons. Demonstration competition between skilled fencers.

For adults in a work or play group: intro to the most exciting aspects of real sport fencing with safe practice weapons. Demonstration between skilled fencers. Team games; competitive or collaborative available.

To arrange your special event, please call 267.966.5610 or email info@fencefap.com or with your preferred dates, anticipated headcount, and the age range of guests!