About Us

Our Approach To Fencing

The Fencing Academy of Philadelphia was founded by Mark and Lara Masters in 1989. Since its founding, the Academy has been dedicated to sharing the sport of fencing with the Philadelphia community and its surrounding suburbs from the Main Line to Bryn Mawr, Abington to Jenkintown, Wyncote to the Delaware Valley, and more.

Fencing is a unique sport in that it requires significant development of physical, tactical, and strategic skill sets. To teach these skills, we offer fun and engaging classes for athletes of all ages and skill levels, from 8-80 and beginner to elite! Classes are taught using a systematic teaching method that allows our students to see consistent and exponential progress.

Whether a student is interested in fencing as a hobby or to compete at a collegiate or international level, our focus is on emphasizing the long-term development of the individual athlete. In our 30+ years of business, we have produced 3 world champions, numerous national champions, and countless NCAA All-Americans at schools such as Princeton, Harvard, UPenn, Brown, and the Air Force Academy. Our proudest achievements are watching our athletes prosper in the club and beyond. Every year, our athletes attend top universities and go on to successful careers in fields such as medicine, business, education, and engineering. And many continue fencing well beyond their collegiate and competitive careers, as fencing is truly a lifetime sport.