Our West Chester academy opens March 2022

Classes will be taught by World Champion Benjamin Bratton!

Ben Bratton, originally from Queens, NY, but currently living in West Chester, PA, will be joining our family at F.A.P.!
Coach Ben is one of the most decorated Men’s Épée fencers in U.S. history, winning multiple national championships in Seniors, Juniors, and Cadets. He competed on 8 Senior World Championship teams, winning a silver medal in the team event in 2010, a gold medal in 2012, and ranking as high as 30th in the world in Men’s Épée. For the past year, Coach Ben has served as an assistant coach for NYU, coaching our very own Ian Adler.
If you’re interested in attending classes in West Chester or know someone who might, please fill out the form below to be the first to know the club opening updates!
Fencing Class Coach Benjamin Bratton





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The History of Fencing

The History of Fencing is a long and storied one, and while sword-fighting has been around for thousands of years, the sport of fencing has ancient origins and is believed to have developed from the similar techniques of swordplay, wrestling,...

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What is Fencing?

As a fencing school that works with all levels of fencers – from absolute beginners to Olympic alternates, we field a few of the same questions in each beginner class, so we’ve written this post for those of you that...

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Does Fencing Hurt?

When you think of fencing, you might think it’s a dangerous sport – after all, swinging swords at each other must be dangerous, right?! Well, our experience (and studies!) have shown it’s one of the safest sports you can take...

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Practice Fencing at Home

Everyone, We’re working on video to help home practice for you, but here are a few things to make sure you have: Enough open space to make at least a double advance lunge Foil: targets for point thrusts:  wall target, ...

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Practice Fencing with Video

Hello All, Below is a link to some fencing training videos, suitable for all levels.  For those who are more advanced, the preparatory footwork review is work!   When you are a new beginner you don’t realize how much strength...

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Hitting Vs. Fencing

post by guest blogger Dr. Matthew Mitchell Some observations from my fall competition and refereeing experience will follow over the next little while, if you’d like to share them with other members. Hitting vs. fencing One night in fencing practice,...

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Who’s Hungary?

Hello All, In the interest of giving interested parties as much lead time as possible, we have decided to start earlier this season to find out who is interested in going on the 2020 trip. Estimated trip cost at this...

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It’s Just a Fleche Wound

Whenever I tell someone that I am a competitive fencer, they usually ask one of the following questions: “Doesn’t it hurt to get stabbed with a sword?” “You must get injured a lot in a sport like that.” Now these...

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