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Who’s Hungary?

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Hello All,

In the interest of giving interested parties as much lead time as possible, we have decided to start earlier this season to find out who is interested in going on the 2020 trip. Estimated trip cost at this time is $3500. This includes:

  • Roundtrip airfare
  • Hotel in Budapest
  • Transport to and from airport
  • Transport to and from training camp in Szombathely
  • Solti Training Camp (10 days twice daily training, with room and board)

Travelers responsible for their own meals. The camp runs July 24th- August 2nd. We expect to depart July 19th and return August 3rd. Athletes should be at least 13 or recommended to attend by your coach. We plan to book the trip in the early spring and a 50% deposit will be required at that time, with the remaining balance billed monthly through July and paid in full before departure.

The trip is led by at least one FAP coach who has made the trip several times. FAP has attended this training camp on an almost annual basis for the last twenty years, the camp itself is well established, managed by the same staff for the last 30 years, and features an outstanding group of Hungarian coaches for training and also coaches education.

Further information available on request, and if you aren’t sure if this experience is a good fit for your skills please discuss it with your coach.

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