When Will We Learn?

Coaching Fencing

For those who don’t play video games, the concept of ‘joysticking’ as a coach refers to coaches who are micro-managing the performance of their athletes in every bout, telling them what to do and when to do it every step of the way, with the athlete merely a conduit for the coach’s thoughts, like a […]

Managing Your DE Bout

The First Period: reconnaissance This first period is the reconnaissance period, rather than trying to score, instead you should test the opponent’s range, mobility and adaptability, generally try to develop a feeling for how the opponent likes to fence. Below are some considerations to take into account while building your hit. Is your opponent an […]

Preparing for the Direct Elimination Tableau

Preparing for the tableau starts as soon as you finish your last bout, check your scores, sign your scoresheet and shake your referee’s hand after the pool round. Between the rounds you have to eat, drink, use the restroom, check your weapons, refill your water bottles, warm up again (including fencing again) and maybe even […]

Competitive Goals Part 2

Managing your DE Bouts  ELIMINATION ROUNDS ARE DIFFERENT! These are longer than pool bouts, so require more mental preparation and determination and there are a host of mistakes waiting to ambush you.  Below are some examples of some of the most common DE bout issues.  When you are in the elimination table the biggest management […]

Competitive Goals for the Fencer

Fencing at Competitions

Managing your pool round Let’s assume that you have been training regularly, have all the equipment you need to compete and have made sure that you are otherwise ready for your competition (you are rested, you are at the event an hour before check in closes to get a good warm-up, including practice bouts, you […]