Welcome to Kaffe’s Korner !!

Princess Pretty Paws

Hi! I’m Kaffe (AKA, “Princess Pretty Paws”), FAP’s official mascot, official greeter, and general supervisor. I help my mom, Lara Masters, at FAP North with really important stuff, like showing everybody how pretty and well-behaved I am,  giving our younger fencers (some grown-ups, too) puppy time,  and I even perform critical coaching duties ( ok I really just give lots of free kisses and show everybody how to be mellow).


I asked my mom if I could help out with the website and she let mne have my own page! So send me your questions about fencing,  fitness, FAP, nutrition and the like.  I will pick the best questions and  post the answers on this page.  Just remember to play nice and be patient. I look forward to hearing from you .

Hi Everybody!  i got a nice note from one of my kids about ratings.  I think the whole idea is silly, because everyone knows that only food ratings matter.  I was bored with my chicken dinners  decided that enough was enough (although chicken is nice, I like variety!),  and went on a mini hunger strike until I got new food.  I give chicken 5 stars out of five, but salmon food and beef food are soooo gooooood!   Now I have more different kinds of food so I have to think about how many stars my other food should get.  Anyway, you were asking about fencing ratings.   One of our refs explained it to me once but I thought some of the things couldn’t be right so I had to look them up and it is confusing!  Fencers are rated A through E, below that is unclassified, and everybody starts as unclassified.  If you win a tournament with 6 people in it you can get an “E” rating. Of course, if all the fencers except the unclassified one are A’s,  then an unclassified winner still just gets an E.   I think that’s dumb.  All ratings higher than E can only be earned at a tournament with 15 people in it, and some of the people have to be rated already.  Sometimes  one of the rated fencers loses to a lower rated fencer and doesn’t make the top 8 places so the whole tournament gets devalued.  I think that’s even dumber!  Aren’t you supposed to get a better rating by winning?  There is a whole chart devoted to this on our bulletin board at FAP, but I never look at it because I’m too busy looking for snacks on the ground.

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