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Schedule Update for FAP-Central January 2022

Starting January 8, 2022, both the mixed level Cadet and Competitive Youth classes meet at 1:30pm to 3:30+pm.

This will allow us to offer unofficial, smaller introductory level tournaments on Saturday afternoons at 3pm. These events must have a minimum of 5 competitors to run and have a maximum entry of 12. These events usually take about 2.5 to 3 hours and will follow official USA Fencing competition rules: full uniform required, full complement of electric scoring equipment required (if applicable) and all regular protocols followed.  For more details, please refer to the USA Fencing website. 

Any athlete participating in our afternoon events has done their pre-event warmup by attending class and is ready for the competition close of check in at 3pm. Class at this level mirrors what they should do before a tournament:  warm up, stretch, footwork practice, drill, bouting. Athletes not participating in an after-class competition will finish class at 3:30, but still have a chance to help teammates with warm up bouting and possibly spectate at least the first round of the event.

These practice tournaments prepare the athlete for official competitions, whether at F.AP. Central or elsewhere; the athlete is learning to arrive an hour before close of check in to warm up and get their pre-event practice bouts.  Occasionally the events will be official, sanctioned tournaments where athletes can earn ratings, so participating athletes will have a chance to help their more experienced teammates move up by making it a bigger tournament.

Start looking for these events after Junior Olympics are over (Feb. 18-21). You can check the schedule on askfred.net and/or the F.A.P. website bulletin board.

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Below are registration links for regional events in our region (Region 3).

View regional tournaments here.





Apr 9 – 10

Garden State RYC


Mar 28

Apr 16 – 17

Duel of the East Coast Spring RYC & RJCC

King of Prussia

Mar 28

Apr 29 – May 1

Mission SYC

Rocky Point

Apr 1

May 13 -15

Fairfax SYC, RJCC, & Y8


Apr 7

May 14 – 15

Jeff Wolfe ROC (D1A, D2)

Rocky Point

Apr 18

May 21 – 22

Integrity Cup Spring RYC & ROC (DV2) 


May 2

May 21 – 22

Durkan Rooster ROC (D1A) 


May 2

May 21 – 22

The Durkan Rooster Div 1A ROC 


May 2


Get some convenient, close-to-home experience and support your club by fencing in these upcoming events at North! 

View local tournaments here


Based on feedback from new and experienced fencing parents alike, we will be rolling out a virtual bulletin board on the club website. This virtual board will serve as a resource for parents, covering information such as club updates and guidance on tournament registration. AskFred (local tournaments) & USA Fencing (regional & national) can be confusing; if you’re baffled by the search/signup process, or have other peer-to-peer questions, please write to patty@fencefap.com and you will get support from an experienced parent!