General Information

All members must maintain a current USA Fencing Membership, competitive or non-competitive, in order to participate in Academy programming.

Beginner Fencing Session

Take our beginner fencing session, which is the start of your journey from beginner to world champion! In our beginner package, we offer this special reduced rate to encourage completely new beginners to try the sport of fencing. With this package, you can attend up to three one-hour classes per week at any of our FAP locations. All necessary training equipment is included at no additional cost. This package takes an individual through all of the basics of fencing, with instruction of preparatory footwork, arm work, beginner strategies, and more!

Fencing Training Membership

This package is for individuals who have graduated from our beginner session and are on the path to bouting, focusing on footwork and bladework skills. During your training, you will learn the rules of competition and improve upon your foundation with further techniques and tactics. This package includes three classes per week at any FAP location, and extended class times of 1.5-2 hours depending on the exact training level. Membership options include a 2-month contract or an annual contract. With an annual contract, you will be gifted a free mask, glove, weapon, and bag. Annual memberships will be billed monthly.

Competitor Membership

This membership is for individuals who have begun training for the competition level. This package includes group instruction three times a week for 2-hour sessions, in addition to a 10-minute private/semi-private lesson with a coach once a week during class time. Once an individual starts competing, this weekly individual instruction guides fencers to success at a higher level. Individuals at this level are typically competing in local and regional tournaments. Annual memberships will be billed monthly

Elite Membership

This membership is for individuals who are looking to compete at the national, international and collegiate levels. This package includes unlimited group classes per week, as well as two 20-minute private/semi-private lessons with a coach per week. Furthermore, an elite membership includes free bag storage at FAP and personalized training direction. In order to participate at the elite membership level, individuals will be evaluated by a coach and personally invited to join. Annual memberships will be billed monthly.

Special Parent Membership!

Have you ever watched your child fence and thought to yourself, “I could do that!” Well, now is your chance to try! This special rate is exclusively for parents of current or recent FAP athletes. With this membership, parents can attend up to two adult classes per week, and have access to the FAP gym space (weights, cardio equipment, etc.) during their child’s class time. Space is limited for this membership and will be given on a first come, first served basis. We will have a running wait list, and accept new members as spots become available.

Additional Information

Open bouting memberships, private lessons, and tournament coaching available upon request.